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Mastering challenges: Missing information and document management

In today's dynamic business world, companies are constantly confronted with changes, whether in terms of legal requirements, standards or product developments and changes.

Particularly in the area of product compliance management, it is essential to use an IT solution that takes these changes into account and supports companies in keeping track of the diverse and frequently changing regulations.

Dynamic requirements in product compliance management

Legal and normative requirements for products change regularly. New laws, directives and standards are introduced, existing regulations are updated or extended. At the same time, the products themselves continue to develop, whether through technological innovations or adaptations to market requirements.

This dual dynamic requires an IT solution that not only knows the current requirements, but is also able to track changes in real time and inform companies immediately.

Limitations of conventional IT solutions

Standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, supply chain management solutions, product information management systems or simple document management solutions offer basic management functions, but are generally not designed to meet the specific requirements of product compliance management.

These solutions are often static and cannot keep pace with the rapid changes in legal and normative requirements and product modifications. As a rule, they do not have the necessary mechanisms to

- continuously monitor and integrate legal and normative changes

- assign the necessary test reports, certificates and other documents to specific products.

Advantages of specialized product compliance management solutions

Specialized software solutions in the Compliance Management product offer a range of functions that go far beyond the capabilities of conventional IT systems. They are designed to comprehensively meet both the information and documentation needs of companies.

The main features of such solutions include:

1. automated updating and notification: These systems continuously monitor changes in legal requirements and immediately notify users of relevant changes.

2. dynamic mapping of documents: Test reports, certificates and other verification documents can be flexibly and specifically assigned to the respective products, which considerably simplifies the obligation to provide evidence.

3. cataloging of company or customer-specific requirements: Companies can integrate their own requirements or those of their customers into the system, ensuring customized compliance monitoring.

4. integration and expandability: These solutions can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures and offer expansion options to meet the company's specific needs and processes.

Optimal tool for ensuring and documenting product conformity

The dynamic requirements in product compliance management require specialized IT solutions that go beyond mere administrative functions. Only such systems are able to efficiently handle the rapidly changing legal requirements and product modifications.

They offer companies the necessary tools to ensure the compliance of their products by providing both comprehensive information and documentation functions. Conventional IT solutions such as ERP or document management systems are usually inadequate for this, as they cannot fully cover the dynamic and specific requirements of product compliance management.

Solution approaches from trinasco

trinasco has been a partner of the leading product compliance management system in Europe for over 10 years and has supported numerous renowned companies in the introduction of this system.

For small and medium-sized companies, we use the system as an outsourced product compliance department for our customers and are very familiar with the advantages and most efficient usage options from the customer's perspective. We would be happy to present the advantages of this innovative platform to you and assist you with its introduction or cost-effective use.

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