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Reduce Risks:
Sales Bans

In addition to product recalls, import delays and sales bans are the most serious consequences of poor product compliance.

Sales bans can be imposed by various national or regional authorities and not only lead to immediate sales losses and costs for companies, but often also to a deterioration in long-term success (business relationships with customers, loss of image, etc.).
While in Germany the Federal Network Agency checks products with regard to their compliance with the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) and the new RED Directive (2014/53/EU), the market surveillance authorities in the federal states are responsible for monitoring compliance with all other regulations (Product Safety Act, LVD, REACH, ...).

In this context, it is important for companies that the vast majority of sales bans are not imposed due to genuine product safety-related aspects, but primarily due to formal deficiencies. Incorrect or missing information on the product or packaging, missing warnings, deficiencies in the operating instructions or in the CE declaration of conformity are the most common reasons for sales bans and costly re-labeling campaigns.

Such sales bans can be avoided quite easily if companies inform themselves at an early stage about the various requirements and, above all, the labeling obligations for the respective products. We are happy to support you with our product compliance checks, training courses and workshops.

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