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Mastering challenges:
Shortage of qualified personnel

Good and comprehensive product compliance management requires above all professionally qualified employees.

But what happens if these employees are not available in sufficient numbers on the labor market or if you want to use these specialists for other important activities?

Job advertisements at Stepstone

More than 1,000 new jobs with a focus on quality management are advertised on Stepstone every week. However, employees with electrical, mechanical or chemical knowledge and understanding are also needed in development, product management or purchasing. The requirements for product compliance management can easily slip down the list of priorities.

Solution approaches from trinasco

So if companies are unable to recruit sufficiently qualified personnel, there are only two suitable solutions in our opinion:

1. external help, e.g. from an outsourced product compliance department

2. the introduction of a software solution that makes product compliance management safer, simpler and faster.

Talk to us about our tried and tested solutions, which are in use at many companies, namely the outsourced product compliance department and the introduction of a product compliance management solution.

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