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Our philosophy

Product compliance with economic sense

Our corporate philosophy is based on the principle that companies should fulfill all legal requirements for their products, but must also act in an economically sensible manner.

For companies, it is always about finding a balance between risks from product compliance violations and economic necessity. This is our consulting approach.
We help you to find and maintain the balance between product compliance and commercial success.
We know that complying with complex and constantly changing regulations costs money and resources. And the broader and faster-moving the product range, the riskier the products and the more suppliers and sales countries there are to consider, the more it costs.

At the same time, we are convinced that compliance with legal requirements should be an indispensable part of a company's business strategy - especially as breaches of these regulations can lead to fines, sales bans, product recalls, claims for damages, skimming of profits or even prison sentences for those responsible.

We support companies

  • better understand its own product range and the associated product compliance risks,

  • quickly reduce the short-term product compliance risk with reasonable effort,

  • evaluate suppliers, train them and involve them in the product compliance process at an early stage and

  • establish structures and processes to efficiently integrate product compliance requirements into purchasing or the manufacture of new products in the long term.

In doing so, we are guided by our five core convictions:

  1. Product compliance investments should be part of a conscious strategic policy decision.

  2. Product compliance measures are always company-specific.

  3. Product compliance management should always follow a risk-based approach.

  4. Product compliance is an indispensable part of supplier selection and supplier development.

  5. Product compliance must be anchored throughout the entire company.

We rely on the competence and expertise of our employees and continuously invest in their training and further education. This ensures that we always have the latest specialist knowledge and the latest developments for our customers. We also work closely with numerous experts from related fields in order to offer our customers the best possible support.

Our references

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