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Trinasco celebrates its half-silver anniversary – celebrate with us and secure our anniversary bonus!

Exactly 12.5 years ago, Bernd Kasper and I founded trinasco GmbH – with a clear strategic focus: Product Compliance.

Back then, it was a niche topic, but today it is an indispensable component for companies worldwide.

Who would have thought that regulatory requirements would multiply so dramatically over this period?

We had a certain premonition (one might call it strategic foresight) that the requirements would only get stricter.

And that companies might simultaneously face increasing difficulties in finding suitable personnel for this challenging, often thankless task.

A perfect niche for a consulting company

However, we didn’t necessarily expect this niche to grow so rapidly.

Today we are talking about:

  • a new Market Surveillance Regulation, 📑
  • a new Product Safety Regulation, 🛡️
  • a new Battery Regulation, 🔋
  • a new Deforestation Regulation, 🌳
  • a new Toy Regulation, 🧸
  • a new Machinery Regulation, ⚙️
  • a new Packaging Regulation, 📦
  • the Supply Chain Act, 🔗
  • the Whistleblower Protection Act, 🛡️
  • ever-expanding chemical regulations 🧪 and much more.

The list of regulations keeps getting longer – with complex and sometimes dramatic impacts for manufacturers, importers, retailers, and online marketplaces. 🚨

But instead of being discouraged by the multitude of requirements, at trinasco we have found our strength in exactly this area. With our now over 12 years of experience and expertise, we have supported numerous companies in efficiently and cost-effectively reducing their product compliance risks. ✅

Thanks to our customers, employees, and partners, we have established ourselves as one of the leading and best-known consulting firms in the field of product compliance. 💪

What particularly pleases us is the fact that we have been able to work for many clients for several years and that they apparently appreciate and positively evaluate our support. 🙏🏼

With training sessions, workshops, consulting services, and especially the service of an outsourced product compliance department, we aim to continue helping companies understand, monitor, and efficiently integrate the complex and ever-increasing legal requirements into their development and marketing processes. 📚 📊

We thank all our customers and partners for their support on this exciting journey and look forward to many more successful years of collaboration!

To celebrate our parsley wedding, we are offering all customers a 12.5% discount in June 🌟 – get in touch with us – we look forward to hearing from you!

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